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A Welcome from the President

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Welcome to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s website, a rich collection of resources and attractions provided for Internet guests of the world’s largest living-history museum. I’m Colin Campbell, and I have the privilege to be Colonial Williamsburg’s president.

On the eve of American Independence, Williamsburg was the capital of England’s oldest, wealthiest, and most populous North American colony. It was a community of freemen and slaves, of educators and innkeepers, of merchants and politicians, of tradesmen and lawyers. Here American patriots and British loyalists struggled with the questions of independence, liberty and self-government. Their ultimate answer was revolution.

Visit Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area, restored to 18th-century authenticity, and walk in the paths of the people whose journeys led to the idea of America. You’ll meet, in the persons of gifted character interpreters, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Gowan Pamphlet, and scores of others, who bequeathed to us a country. You’ll walk on the ground where independence was proposed.  You’ll participate in the debate in the city’s streets and shops.  And you will stand in the room where the victory at Yorktown was planned.

Colonial Williamsburg offers a family vacation destination, a resort, and an interactive education in 18th-century life and culture. It’s dining in the colonial taverns, watching trades people at their crafts, and marching with the Fifes and Drums Corps. It’s a carriage ride, a day on the golf course, a stroll through the gardens, a visit to the folk and decorative arts museums, and an afternoon in the Revolutionary City. Colonial Williamsburg offers a seamless adventure in educational recreation in a setting where subjects became citizens and a revolution changed the world.

Use the wealth of the website to explore The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, to meet the people, tour the town, download a podcast, sample a museum exhibit, read a story, research a subject, shop, purchase a ticket, make hotel reservations, and prepare your visit to a place where the future may learn from the past.

Colin Campbell

Colin G. Campbell
President and CEO



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