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Return to Williamsburg

Participant rolling a hoopIf you enjoyed your experience with the Teacher Institute and would like to share your enthusiasm, we encourage you to apply to be a Colonial Williamsburg Master Teacher.

Starting in the summer of 2014, the Teacher Institute Peer Facilitator role will be filled by members of the new Master Teacher Ambassadors program. Master Teacher Ambassadors partner with Colonial Williamsburg’s Education Outreach team in a variety of capacities including, but not limited to: curriculum writing, teacher institute facilitating, presenting at conferences/workshops, reviewing new products/programs, and acting as a regional representatives for the Foundation.

Those selected to participate in the Master Teacher program will commit to a long-term partnership with Colonial Williamsburg beginning with a week-long training session. Throughout their tenure with the program, Master Teacher Ambassadors will be granted official volunteer status for their time and, in some specific circumstances, paid for contract work.


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