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Participant's Guide to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2016

Lesson Plans

Dressing in colonial clothing

As part of their participation in the Institute, many participants are required to develop an original lesson based on historical information and teaching techniques learned during their time at the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute. If you are responsible for creating a lesson, the curriculum should follow the lesson plan template (.pdf). Remember to include primary sources in your teaching strategy.

Summer 2015 attendees should submit original lesson plans by December 31, 2015

Summer 2016 attendees should submit original lesson plans by December 31, 2016

Lessons shouldbe sent via hard copy, fax, or email to:
Manager of Teacher Development
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Education Outreach
P.O. Box 1776
Williamsburg, VA 23187-1776
Fax: (757) 565-8222

Once your lesson plan is submitted, Colonial Williamsburg staff members will review the lesson for historical accuracy, uniqueness, and creativity (remember to include primary sources). Some lessons may be included on our website as examples of how to successfully use the materials and content provided by Colonial Williamsburg. If your lesson plan is selected, either in its entirety or in combination with other lesson plans on the same topic, you will be given full credit for the lesson.

Even if you are not required to submit a lesson, we hope you will participate by sending us copies of your successful lessons, projects, pictures, and/or student samples. Many samples provided to us are used for demonstrations to donors, curriculum writers, and other teachers to illustrate what participants learn while at the Teacher Institute.