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Electronic Field Trips

Bring the past alive in your classroom.

  • Electronic Field Trips

The 2013-2014 Electronic Field Trip Season

Teach American history with the new Electronic Field Trip season. These live, interactive lessons explore the Bill of Rights, the three branches of government, 18th-century trades and the Continental Army, the complicated relationships between slaves and their masters, Civil War ironclads, and the War of 1812.

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Video Podcast: What's an EFT?

What is an Electronic Field Trip, and what can it add to your classroom? Colonial Williamsburg's Bill White narrates this behind-the-scenes look at the Emmy-winning series.

Watch the video.

Read the transcript.

What are Electronic Field Trips?

  • Emmy-Award winning live internet events and television broadcasts for grades 4-8
  • Innovative distance learning program brings history alive in your classroom
  • Broadcasts air at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern Time on participating public broadcasting stations and cable channels. View broadcaster list.
  • Streaming broadcasts live on your classroom computer
  • Live toll-free call-in and email to our historians, experts, and characters
  • Year-long access to video, online voting, and student message board
  • Comprehensive teacher guides

Explore EFTs / Download schedule

Why should I subscribe?

  • Immerse students in authentic historical content
  • Build civics, history, and literacy skills
  • Infuse technology and interactive learning into a differentiated learning classroom
  • Fill information gaps and enhance background knowledge
  • Help students develop communication skills
  • Enhance students’ ability to gather and synthesize information from a variety of sources
  • On demand 24/7 Year-round Video Clips/Teacher Resources/Student Activities

Subscribe Now for the 2013-2014 Season

What does the price include?

  • Cost is $250 for the series or $50 for individual programs
  • Interactive, multidisciplinary student lessons
  • Web-based, standards-aligned teacher resources
  • Primary sources
  • Taping rights
  • Technical assistance and an online teacher “How to use” section
  • Online resources—use when they fit your curriculum

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