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School & Youth Group Dining Options

tavernThere’s nothing like a candlelit dinner in an 18th-century tavern to take you away from 21st-century concerns. Enjoy a true “taste of history” during your visit by having a meal at one of our historic dining taverns, where the favorite foods of the colonists are still on the menu along with some modern interpretations. A meal at one of Colonial Williamsburg’s historic dining taverns will be the delicious centerpiece of your group’s visit, as it was for many a pre-Revolutionary traveler. Costumed wait staff will bid you welcome, and wandering balladeers may serenade you. You may even enjoy a tableside visit by one of our tavern proprietors. Dining at a Colonial Williamsburg historic tavern captures all your senses—especially your sense of fun.

You can also enjoy a light fare at the Museum or Visitor Center Cafe, relish a tasty pizza at Huzzah!, or have a delicious refreshment at the Raleigh Tavern Bakery. There’s something for every taste in Colonial Williamsburg’s restaurants.

Our dining facilities fill up quickly, so make your reservations early by calling 1-800-228-8878.




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