The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: September 19

WILLIAMSBURG, September 19, 1777.
FOR SALE, At the Raleigh, in Williamsburg, At a reasonable Price, for ready Money. A great Variety of blue, brown, and light coloured broad and other CLOTHS.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) September 19, 1777

About this entry:

Broadcloth was a dense, finely woven fabric made from the best wool. It was woven on a wide loom amd measured 54 to 63 inchs wide. It was most used for men's garments - coats, breeches, cloaks, and for women's cloaks and riding habits. The most popular colors in the 1770s were red, brown, black and blue. George Washington ordered a broadcloth suit for his inauguration in 1789. Nowadays, broadcloth is also made of cotton.

Sources: Queen; Montgomery

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