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Colonial Williamsburg announces

From Ear to Ear CoverFrom Ear to Ear
The Passage of African Music through American Slavery
Enhanced CD

Powerful and distinctive, improvisational and intricate, the music of Africa calls forth the spirits of the ancestors who greeted the birth of a child and the fruits of the harvest with the sounds of music and song. In all things African, there is music. It is the essence of life from the secular to the sacred.


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The Playlist

  • 1. Cou Cou - Song clip (mp3)
  • 2. Lamban
  • 3. Yankaday
  • 4. Wasalu - Song clip (mp3)
  • 5. Igboland Rhythm
  • 6. Kye Kye Kule
  • 7. Ya Ya Dempo
  • 8. Bahamian Hand Clap - Song clip (mp3)
  • 9. Massa Buckra (Me No Law)
  • 10. Massa Buy Me
  • 11. Bring Me Half a Hoe (field version)
  • 12. Bring Me Half a Hoe - Song clip (mp3)
  • 13. Capy Crow Da Come Again
  • 14. You're Wrong
  • 15. Gonna Beat Dis Corn - Song clip (mp3)
  • 16. Patting Juba
  • 17. Juba
  • 18. Pompey Ran Away
  • 19. I'm Gwine to Glory
  • 20. Trouble So Hard - Song clip (mp3)
  • 21. Field Holler
  • 22. Sit Down Servant, Sit Down
  • 23. Daniel
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