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A Grand Opening: The James Anderson Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury Complex

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The newly completed James Anderson Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury complex officially opens Saturday, Nov. 16, with special events all day.

In 2010, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s trades began reconstructing the industrial site that helped forge the American Revolution. The complex now reflects a vibrant hub of activities showcasing the complexity and urgency of mounting the American war effort against Great Britain, the world’s most powerful 18th-century nation.

Made possible by a $5 million gift from trustee Forrest E. Mars Jr., the Revolutionary City’s newest exhibition site started with construction of the buildings, a cooperative task by Colonial Williamsburg’s skilled carpenters, joiners, brickmakers, brickmasons and blacksmiths. It also included the addition of a tin shop, a workshop, storage buildings, kitchen and a new blacksmith shop.

Read more about the construction on our reconstruction blog and in the Colonial Williamsburg Journal.

Video tour of the armoury

The new tin shop

Time-lapse video of workshop construction

Time-Lapse video of archaeology of the complex