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The Campaign for History and Citizenship

Campaign Overview

Over two hundred years ago in Williamsburg, American patriots defined what would become our nation’s founding principles of freedom and liberty. To this day, the United States of America remains faithful to its democratic roots.

At Colonial Williamsburg, we firmly believe that knowing and understanding history is essential to meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a center for history and citizenship, we are continuously improving and expanding our programming to bring America’s founding period alive. “Getting it right” enables the Foundation to have a beneficial and lasting impact.

To help sustain this impact, Colonial Williamsburg has embarked upon a campaign to raise $600 million in support of our educational and preservation mission. To better inform and inspire the public, both on- and off-site, we have identified a group of critical areas of investment in the future, including:

  • Advancing the public’s understanding of America’s founding democratic principles as a center for history and citizenship
  • Focusing restoration on Colonial Williamsburg’s precious collections: the Historic Area buildings, gardens, and landscapes
  • Developing engaging and inspiring Revolutionary City programming
  • Continuing to develop compelling and technologically diverse educational outreach programs to take the history and citizenship message to a worldwide audience
  • Telling America’s story effectively by attracting and retaining outstanding staff engaged in all aspects of Colonial Williamsburg’s educational and preservation activities
  • Creating expanded museums and new buildings intended to display Colonial Williamsburg’s great collections in ways that make it possible for every visitor to better appreciate and understand the context for the objects
  • Addressing essential current needs and exciting new opportunities by encouraging gifts to the Colonial Williamsburg Fund

Never has Colonial Williamsburg’s mission—helping Americans plot their future by better understanding their past—had greater significance than now. With your support of the Campaign for History and Citizenship, Colonial Williamsburg will continue to play a leading role in our national conversation and survive as a source of inspiration for future generations.