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January 10, 2003

CW to host fifth annual conference on 18th-century woodworking

Colonial Williamsburg will host two identical, back-to-back programs of the fifth annual “Working Wood in the 18th Century” conference Jan. 19-22 and Jan. 23-26. This year’s topic is surface ornamentation. Speakers will discuss the origins and evolution of decorative techniques such as molding and the use of molding planes, reeding and fluting, sawing and applying veneers, inlays and marquetry. Noted woodworkers will explain and demonstrate the selection and preparation of materials; the development of molding, inlay and marquetry designs; making and using specialized tools; and production of ornamented surfaces.

Fine Woodworking Magazine will co-sponsor the conference with Colonial Williamsburg.

Highlights of the conference will include presentations by:

  • Patrick Edwards, (Jan. 19-22 session) furniture maker, specialist in French marquetry and contributor to Fine Woodworking;
  • Tara Gleason, Colonial Williamsburg’s associate curator of furniture;
  • Marcus Hansen and Edward Wright, journeymen musical instrument makers at Colonial Williamsburg;
  • Mack Headley, master cabinetmaker at Colonial Williamsburg;
  • Silas Kopf, (Jan. 23-26 session) furniture designer, specialist in French marquetry and contributor to Fine Woodworking;
  • Steve Latta, cabinetmaker and contributor to Fine Woodworking;
  • Larry Williams and Bill Clark, makers of wooden molding and bench planes in Eureka, Ark.; and
  • Roy Underhill, author, teacher and host of the PBS series “The Woodwright’s Shop.”

    Registration must be made in advance and accompanied by the registration fee of $225. The registration fee includes the opening reception, three continental breakfasts, five refreshment breaks, a group banquet, all program presentations and a Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket valid for the duration of the conference.

    Conference size is limited and registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received. You may register by mail, fax or on-line at Fees are payable by major credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover) or by check to Colonial Williamsburg. For additional information, contact the conference registrar by telephone at (757) 220-7174.

    Media Contact:
    Sophia Hart
    (757) 220-7272

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