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March 14, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg’s latest interactive alternate reality game begins March 31

Alternate reality gamers delve into a new, mysterious chance to save the American Revolution beginning March 31 when on-site play begins in the latest episode of the “RevQuest: Save the Revolution!” series.

The newest game — “RevQuest: The Old Enemy” — recruits players to come to the Revolutionary City as agents of the Committee for Secret Correspondence, established by the Continental Congress and led by Benjamin Franklin.

The 13 colonies are on the verge of declaring their independence from Great Britain and fighting has already begun. The fledging nation — with no professional army or navy — faces a struggle against the most powerful military force in the world. Questors must work covertly to secure a critical but secret alliance, without which the American cause will almost assuredly be lost.

As they begin the game, questors make a quick virtual video journey to Philadelphia, where they meet one of the nation’s founding fathers who gives them instructions for their mission before the adventure leads them into the Revolutionary City. In the streets of the 18th-century Virginia capital, they encounter secret agents and discover mysterious documents while they pursue a series of clues in an effort to secure this crucial ally.

Armed with a set of orders, questors have all the tools they need to break codes and hunt for hidden clues while they send and receive secret messages through their text-capable cell phones. Based on actual events and real people, the game challenges players as never before to break codes and avoid detection as they find their way online and through the Revolutionary City to save the cause of American liberty.

Players begin their mission online starting March 17 at, by virtually navigating the streets of Williamsburg and interacting with town’s residents to find foreign agents who may be able to aid the cause of American Independence. But players must be careful, as not everyone is as he or she seems, and only the most secret of spies will receive the highest score. Enhanced and expanded online activities for “RevQuest: The Old Enemy” are designed to engage participants of all ages in the game before they arrive in Williamsburg.

Successful completion of the game earns questors an invitation to attend a secret finale where they will learn about the people and events that inspired the game. Players will also receive a souvenir token of appreciation for their work and a password for unlocking hidden content on the website to continue the mission online.

When they arrive in Williamsburg, players pick up their game materials at Colonial Williamsburg’s Regional Visitor Center. The game is free with a Colonial Williamsburg admission ticket and is best played with the use of a cell phone capable of text messaging. To play the game through to conclusion requires approximately 90 minutes to two hours, but playing time does not have to be continuous. Players may spread their playing time throughout their stay as they explore the Revolutionary City for clues. The game will appeal to families, couples, friends and people of all ages, but is most suitable for players eight years and older.

“RevQuest: The Old Enemy” runs onsite from March 31 through Nov. 30.

“RevQuest: The Old Enemy” builds on the success of the three previous episodes in the “RevQuest: Save the Revolution!” series, which together have been enjoyed by more than 83,000 guests since the first game debuted in 2011.

The Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and Suites is the official hotel of “RevQuest: The Old Enemy.”

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Jim Bradley