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September 12, 2005

CW's expansion holiday program menu offers guest irresistable fun and excitement

Colonial Williamsburg’s 2005 holiday programs and activities invite guests to travel back in time to the 18th-century to connect with their “colonial me” while exploring the homes and exhibition buildings of Virginia’s 18th-century colonial capital. Throughout the town’s Historic Area citizens prepare for the season of spiritual celebration and festive gatherings with family and friends, rather than modern commercialism, while they look toward the uncertain future of their relationship with England.

From the Governor’s Palace to the Capitol building, guests are filled with holiday cheer as they experience the Colonial Williamsburg holidays in grand style while getting to know the residents of this capital city on the eve of the American Revolution.

By day, guests learn about the Christmas traditions at the Governor’s Palace that include dancing and music, decorating and dining. Guests can even return some evenings for “An Evening at the Palace” to be transported back to an elegant time at the candlelit Palace where they will enjoy authentic 18th-century country dances, reels and the minuet.

At the Capitol enjoy revolutionary politics during the day followed by “A Capitol Evening” some nights with elegant dancing, lively fast-paced hilarity and amusements of the senses.

A variety of seasonal walking tours, musical programs and evening plays for every age complement the vast offerings of Colonial Williamsburg during this special time of the year. Such offerings include: “The Christmas Decorations Walking Tour,” a guided look at Colonial Williamsburg’s picturesque buildings and streets, decked in their holiday splendor; “Christmas Music from the Jefferson Collection,” a delight for guests who will enjoy sonatas, ballads and songs from the musical collection of Thomas Jefferson as sung and performed on the violin, cello and guitar and narrated by Mr. Jefferson himself; “Colonial Christmas Kids,” a fast-paced, fun-filled, participatory program that takes you from the earliest Christmas in Williamsburg through the American Revolution and invites guests to enjoy a puppet show, 18th-century dance, fencing, African-American music and storytelling.

Colonial Williamsburg’s holiday season is like no other in the world. The enchanting ambience of days gone by, and the laughter and excitement of the young and young at heart, is inescapable as well as contagious. So this year, plan your Colonial Williamsburg holiday getaway early to tap into your “colonial me.”

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