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April 25, 2006

CW recognizes honor roll of distinguished donors in new Courtyard of Philanthropy

Colonial Williamsburg is establishing the Philanthropy Courtyard to honor major donors whose generous gifts have helped to advance the mission of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation—“that the future may learn from the past.” Names of benefactors are being placed on the brick wall beneath the flags of 13 original states at the Visitor Center entrance plaza.

The Philanthropy Courtyard is a prominent landmark honoring 65 lifetime donors of $1 million and above. Others will be honored in the years ahead as their giving level reaches the $1 million mark.

“Colonial Williamsburg has benefited enormously from hundreds of thousands of benefactors, and the Foundation is grateful to every donor,” said Colonial Williamsburg President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Colin G. Campbell. “The Philanthropy Courtyard is one way of recognizing exceptional generosity.”

“The Philanthropy Courtyard honors those who have accepted the greatest responsibility to preserve Colonial Williamsburg,” said Bob Wilson, chairman of Duckett-Wilson Development Co. in Los Angeles, Calif., and a senior trustee and co-chairman of the Campaign for Colonial Williamsburg. “As the Campaign co-chair, I’m excited we now have a place to recognize the partners whose generosity is keeping Colonial Williamsburg a vital community relevant for our world today.”

Inside the Visitor Center, Colonial Williamsburg will continue to acknowledge the generosity of those whose gifts have reached $100,000 in lifetime giving.

For several years, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has recognized its most generous donors in the “Official Guidebook” and in its “Annual Report.” This honor roll of philanthropists includes founder John D. Rockefeller Jr. and continues to the present day with individuals, corporations and other foundations with cumulative giving of $1 million that have helped to build and sustain Colonial Williamsburg.

Donors who have been listed at the Philanthropy Courtyard include:

Colonial Williamsburg Founders
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and Abby Aldrich Rockefeller

Gifts and Grants of $20 Million or More
Lila and DeWitt Wallace
DeWitt Wallace Endowment Fund
The Annenberg Foundation
June S. and Joseph H. Hennage
William R. and Gretchen B. Kimball

Gifts and Grants of $10 Million or More
City of Williamsburg
Ann Lee S. and Charles L. Brown

Gifts and Grants of $5 Million or More
Martha Baird Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller 3rd Fund
The Winthrop Rockefeller Charitable Trust
Abby and George O’Neill
Henry H. and “Jimmy” deH. Weldon
Royce R. and Kathryn McCormick Baker
Bob and Marion Wilson
Ruth P. and Joseph R. Lasser

Gifts and Grants of $1 Million or More
Blanchette and John D. Rockefeller 3rd
Elizabeth and Miodrag Blagojevich
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Kresge Foundation
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Dr. Lowry Kirby
Frances M. McDermott
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Mary Lou and George B. Beitzel
Jane and Marshall Steel, Jr.
The Marshall Steel, Sr. Foundation
Ambassador Bill and Jean Lane
Pauline and Samuel M. Clarke
Louise Coon
Inez R. and C. O. Middlekauf
Letitia and Edward C. Joullian III
Mrs. T. Richard Crocker
Ambassador Randall L. and Marianne W. Tobias
Gladys M. Whitehead
Estelle and Harold Tanner
Pat and Jerry B. Epstein
Frances B. Crandol
Virginia S. and Robert L. deCourcy
Marcia and John R. Donnell, Jr.
John A. Hyman and Betty C. Leviner
Marilyn L. Brown and Douglas N. Morton
Carolyn W. and James R. Millar
Shirley H. and Richard D. Roberts
Joshua P. and Elizabeth D. Darden
Leslie Anne Miller and Richard B. Worley
AT&T Foundation
IBM Corporation
Maureen M. and James W. Gorman, Sr.
David and Peggy Rockefeller
Virginialee and Edward Lynch
Muriel and Foster McCarl, Jr.
Elizabeth M. and Joseph M. Handley
Jeanne C. and Willard O. Hoffmire
Martha A. Healy
Frank and Jane P. Batten
The Grainger Foundation
Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation
Margaret Lee and T. Marshall Hahn, Jr.
Sally B. and Theodore W. Brickman, Jr.
Alma Louise and Harry H. Coon
Paul F. Miller, Jr. and Ella Warren Miller
Alan B. and Janet M. Coleman
Penelope P. and Dr. Sergio V. Proserpi
Lilly Endowment Inc.

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