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Exterior of Production Truck
Interior of Production Truck Interior of Production Truck Interior of Production Truck Interior of Production Truck Interior of Production Truck
Exterior of Production Truck

Satellite Uplink and Production Truck Rental

Colonial Williamsburg Productions offers quality, experience and cost effectiveness to your production.

Clients include: CNN, CNBC, Cox Media/Cox Sports, ESPN, Northrop Grumman, BskyB Skynews, WCVE Richmond VA, WHRO Norfolk VA, WTKR Norfolk VA, WTVR Richmond VA.

For contract to hire information:

Primary 24 Hour Contact:
William Wagner
(757) 869-6922 (cell)
(757) 220-7143

Linda Randulfe

Colonial Williamsburg Productions’ mobile Ku satellite uplink and production truck provides dual path Ku Digital SDI Uplink with the optional capability of on-board 5-camera production. The extensive shore panel accepts SDI digital video and/or NTSC composite video along with AES, SDI embedded, and/or analogue audio. On-board Frame Synchs and A:D Converters accommodate various broadcast program formats.

  • 38-foot truck for satellite access and live location production.
  • Weight: 54,000 pounds
  • Height: 13' 6"
  • Width: ten feet, mirror-to-mirror
  • Multi - State IRP registration
  • On-board 20K generator or Shore Power (100 amp single phase) via Cam-Lok cables
  • Dual Path KU Uplink (HD or SD/MPEG2 or MPEG4/DVB-S or DVB-S2)
  • KU Downlink (2 each Tandberg TT-1260 & 2 each Ericsson Rx8200 IRDs)


  • 2 each Ericsson Voyager II encoder/modulators (HD or SD SDI)
  • 2 each Ericsson Rx8200 (HD or SD)
  • 1 each 16x16 Smart Videohub for HD routing
  • 1 each TV Logic HD/SD SDI Monitor
  • 2 each Tandberg E-5740 SDI encoders (SDI w/embedded or AES digital audio)
  • 2 each Tandberg TT-1260 IRDs (SDI video and 2 AES output)
  • Miteq UC-9696 Upconverters
  • MCL VPC Controller
  • MCL MT3200 HPAs
  • RCI Antenna Controller


  • 10 Input Digital Switcher: Philips DD10
  • 5 Digital Cameras: Philips LDK 100 (switchable 16x9 or 4x3)
  • 3500 feet camera Triax
  • Angenieux and/or Canon (12x5.3 and 15x8.3) lenses
  • Sachtler tripods
  • 2 – Philips 950 DVCPro 50 Digital VTRs (on board) w/ 2 additional DVCPro 50 decks available
  • DNF 4 deck controller available, if specified 
  • Digital Router: Leitch Via 32X32 (SDI and AES)
  • 1 Digital Process Synchronizer with Frame Sync: Leitch DPS 575 (NTSC Analogue or SDI/AES Digital)
  • 1 each 16x16 Smart Videohub for HD routing
  • 1 each TV Logic HD/SD SDI Monitor
  • Character Generator: Inscriber VMP
  • 2 SDI Embedders/Disembedders
  • GPS Clock System


  • 4 each JBL 4406 Monitor Speakers (2 video production/2 audio booth)
  • 2 QSC Audio Amplifiers (1 each video production and audio booth)
  • 3 Channel Patchable Dorrough C2 Audio Meters 
  • 1 Digital Production Mixer: Yamaha O2R v2 48 channel console
  • 1 each Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder
  • 1 each Marantz PMCD340 programmable CD Player
  • Multiple A:D Converters and D:A Converters
  • 2 each 12-Channel, 200’ Audio Snakes (1 Fan:Fan / 1 Fan:Stage box
  • 1 each 28-Channel (16x12) 100’ Audio Snake (Fan:Fan)
  • NC3 cables, 12 each 25’, 50’, & 100’
  • 2 each Electrovoice RE-16 dynamic handheld wired microphones
  • 4 each Countryman B-6 wired lavaliere microphones
  • 2 each Wohler switchable monitor panels (AES and analogue)


  • 6 channel / 12 output RTS intercom w/headsets
  • Dual muff camera headsets
  • 8 channel RTS IFB with 4 each 4030 beltpacks and 3 Lectrosonics wireless IFB systems
  • 7 each 2-line phone sets (to Shore panel)
  • 3 Cell Phones (2 to Shore panel/ 1 direct to Uplink Engineer)
  • 1 RTS TW-1224 (2 wire:4 wire or Clearcom Intercom Interface)
  • 1 Telephone Hybrid (active): Telos Delta 100
  • 2 Telos Link Telephone to Intercom
  • Patching on Shore panel for 4 Telco Land lines

Playout/Studio Uplink In-Place note:
Single camera interviews from CW Productions' Studio can be HD or SD.
SD program or playout can be up-converted for HD transmission
For playout and/or studio interviews; from our “normal” spot, tied to our studio, we can easily access satellites in an arc from Estrela Do Sul 1/Telstar 14 @ 63 degrees WL to AMC-15 @ 105 degrees WL.

Additional Production note:
Lens Info for CW Productions’ Phillips Cameras:
2- Angenieux 15X8.3
2- Angenieux 12X5.3
2- Canon 14X 8.5
1- Angenieux 26X 7.8

Download PPLV Production Truck information in PDF format.

(Requires free Adobe Reader.)