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MAY 1, 2012


To Bathe or Not to Bathe

Bathing was not a common occurrence in the eighteenth century. People didn't often notice the body odor of others because it was the norm. Eighteenth-century bathing—at least for the wealthy, or gentry, class—was more commonly used for relaxation and health. Those who did bathe for cleanliness generally focused on washing only their hands and faces. Wealthier colonists kept wash basins in their bedchambers for this purpose. It's safe to assume that we would have found the entire Old Dominion—in fact, all thirteen colonies—afflicted with B.O. And since everyone stank, no one noticed it or recorded it for history. In this article, Edwards Park explains colonial cleanliness.

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St. George Tucker Tub
St. George Tucker Tub
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

St. George Tucker installed the first copper bathtub in Williamsburg in his house near the end of the eighteenth century. Tucker put it in his dairy, piping in hot water from the laundry in the servants' quarters. The cold water pipe came in from his well. After he'd splashed about in it and scrubbed himself, he'd vent the bathwater right out of the house.

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Teaching Strategy: Keeping Clean in the Colonies

In this lesson, students will brainstorm ideas on why colonists didn't bathe regularly and understand the reasons behind their lack of bathing. Students will also be able to identify materials and objects used in the cleansing process. The lesson extensions compare bathing in the eighteenth century to bathing today.

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Quotation of the Month

"Old as he is, his habit is, every morning, winter and summer, to rise before the sun, go to the well in the yard, draw several buckets of water, and fill the reservoir for his shower bath, and then, drawing the cord, let the water fall over him in a glorious shower. Many a time have I heard him catching his breath and almost shouting with the shock. When he entered the breakfast room his face would be in a glow, and all his nerves were fully braced."

—William Munford of his law teacher, George Wythe. From The Two Parsons: Cupid's Sports; The Dream; and The Jewels of Virginia, by George Wythe Munford, published by J.D.K. Sleight in Richmond, 1884, pg. 364.

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