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Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

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Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of quality materials to assist you in teaching eighteenth-century life, including:

Buying Respectability: The Consumer Revolution in 18th-Century Virginia (lesson unit)BUYING RESPECTABILITY: THE CONSUMER REVOLUTION IN 18TH-CENTURY VIRGINIA
Lesson Unit

By 1700, the demand for goods and services led to a "consumer revolution." In this lesson unit, your students explore the 18th century's changing economy, the status symbols of this class society, social mobility, taxation, the monetary system, and the impact of British mercantilism on America. Grades 7-12, 138 pages. $34.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email

Lady's Pocket: Hands-on History Kit THE COINS OF COLONIAL AMERICA
Softcover Book

An impressive collection of antique coins donated to the Foundation is the focus of this book. Joseph Lasser contributed an overview about currency in colonial North America and sections on "Latin American Origins," "Coins Powered World Trade," "Coins in Colonial America," and "A Williamsburg Merchant Counts His Money."

$9.95. To order, visit the Williamsburg Marketplace.

Book: "Nancy's Story: 1765"NANCY'S STORY: 1765
A Colonial Williamsburg Young Americans Series Book

Virginians are protesting the Stamp Act and Nancy Geddy is afraid the uncertain times will harm her father’s business. And if that worry is not enough, Nancy’s stepmother is making her life miserable. (Grades 4-6), $9.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email