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Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

February is Black History Month! Check out our special offers.

Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of quality materials to assist you in teaching American history, including:

Political Life in Eighteenth-Century VirginiaCAESER'S STORY: 1754
A Colonial Williamsburg Young Americans Series Book

Caesar lives with his family, but he is a slave. When the master selects him to be a personal servant in the big house, Caesar has to obey. 165 pages.

Grades 4–6, $9.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email

Hands-On History: Slave's BagHANDS ON HISTORY: SLAVE'S BAG
Hands-on History Kit

Slaves often carried their personal belongings in a bag or basket. This simple drawstring fabric bag contains a bill of sale, an oyster shell, flint and steel, a wooden spoon, a pewter button, a piece of chain, a feather quill, and a pair of stockings. Each kit contains artifacts, a Discovery Worksheet, annotated artifact inventory, glossary, graphic organizers, primary sources, and illustrations.

Grades 3–8, $75.00. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email

Slavery: A Colonial OdysseySLAVERY: A COLONIAL ODYSSEY
Lesson Units: Educating America's Citizens

Explore slavery's pervasive influence on the new American nation. This unit includes lessons on the slave trade, slavery, and the slave economy, life as a slave, slave culture and traditions, and slave codes, and includes the book Slavery in the Colonial Chesapeake by David Brion Davis. 144 pages.

Grades 5–12, $34.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email