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Teaching American History Conferences

In-service programs at your school or district

To receive more information about Teaching American History Conferences, contact:

Teacher Professional Development
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
P. O. Box 1776
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Phone: (757) 565-8417
Fax: (757) 565-8916
Email: teacherdevelopment@cwf.org

Colonial Williamsburg offers one- and two-day professional development conferences for teachers in their home school districts. Teaching American History Conferences provide participants with a glimpse of American history, life, and culture and offer concrete ways to become more effective teachers of history through the creation of dynamic learning experiences for their students.

teacher and student

In one- or two-day Teaching American History conferences, teachers meet a person from the past, debate the pros and cons of the American Revolution, try on period clothing, construct biographies from primary sources, and more. Colonial Williamsburg’s interdisciplinary approach to education highlights historical thinking skills and strategies as well as skills that apply to language arts and technology. Teachers gain new ideas and interactive methods for using primary documents, artifacts, and technology resources.

Each conference helps teachers:

  • Meet academic content standards in American History
  • Learn innovative teaching strategies
  • Supports interdisciplinary studies

Educational Materials

Participants at all Teacher Professional Development Conferences receive lesson plans, digital media, and facsimile primary sources, including documents and objects.

Possible Conference Sessions Include:

Programs for Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Early Colonization
Exploring Native American Life in the 17th Century
Missions to America:  English, French, and Spanish Explorers
Using 17th- and 18th-Century Maps

Events Leading to the American Revolution
Biographies and Interpreting the Past
Daily Life of Free and Enslaved African Americans
The Road to Revolution

Founding a New Nation
From Subject to Citizen: The Development of the Bill of Rights and Its Effects Today
George Washington—Leadership and the Founding of a New Nation
Liberty and Freedom: A Master’s and Slave’s Perspective

Programs for High School Teachers

American Diversity
Federalism: Past and Present
Protest and Reform Movements

General Sessions for K–12

Using Primary Sources
Portraits, Paintings, and Prints
Building Literacy Skills with Primary Sources and Historical Fiction
Revolutionizing American History with Technology