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Today in the 1770s: April 29

WILLIAMSBURG, April 29, 1775.
This morning arrived an express from the Northward, with the following advices. NEW ENGLAND, Watertown, Wednesday morning, near 10 of the clock. To all friends of American liberty, be it known, that this morning, before break of day, a brigade consisting of about 1000 or 1200 men landed at Phipp's Farm, at Cambridge, and marched to Lexington, where they found a company of our colony militia in arms, upon whom they fired without any provocation, and killed six men, and wounded four others. By an express from Boston we find another brigade are now upon their march from Boston, supposed to be about 1000.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) April 29, 1775

About this entry:

News of the Battles of Lexington and Concord arrived in Williamsburg just 10 days later. Actually, John Pinckney printed the news the day before on April 28, Supplement, page 2.

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