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Today in the 1770s: May 10

WILLIAMSBURG, May 10, 1776.
Last Monday 45 members of the House of Burgesses met at the Capitol, pursuant to their last adjournment; but it being their opinion, that the people could not now be legally represented according to the ancient constitution, which has been subverted by the king, lords, and commons of Great Britain, and consequently dissolved, they unanimously dissolved themselves accordingly.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) May 10, 1776

About this entry:

The Fifth Virginia Convention convened at the Capitol on Monday, May 6 1776. This group of men were responsible for the Virginia Resolution to the Continental Congress proposing independence, passing the Virginia Declaration of Rights and for structuring a government with the Virginia Constitution.

Sources: Van Schreeven, v 7, part 1, Intro.

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