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Today in the 1770s: March 29

WILLIAMSBURG, March 29, 1776.
This day his excellency Charles Lee, esq, major-general in the continental army, arrived at headquarters in this city, to take the command of the Virginia troops, attended by Otway Byrd and Lewis Morris, esqrs., his excellency's aids-de-camp, his secretary, mr. Nourse, mons. Le Brun, engineer, and the rest of his suite.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) March 29, 1776

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Born in England, General Charles Lee fought in the French and Indian War under General Braddock. By 1773 his political views put him in sympathy with the colonies. He resigned from the British army and joined the Continental army, In February 1776 he was given charge of the Southern Military District covering Virginia to Georgia.

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