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Family Workshop: Cabinetmaker


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Join us for an in-depth, hands-on tour and demonstration of hand planes–one of the traditional woodworker’s most indispensable tools. When Williamsburg cabinetmaker Edmund Dickinson died in 1778, he was inventoried as having “81 planes of various sorts.” Such a variety of tools would be suited for many tasks like making boards flat and smooth, creating precise structural joinery, and making shapely moldings. We will demonstrate the breadth of work done with these tools and give guests a chance to plane away some shavings themselves. Limit of 16 participants. Not wheelchair accessible. Participants arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted.

Historic Trades and Skills Family workshops are designed for participants age 7 and older. Kids 7-13 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. Kids 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult, either participating (purchase a workshop ticket) or non-participating (with a free Chaperone ticket).


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Family Workshop: Cabinetmaker

Historic Trade: Cabinetmaker & Harpsichord Maker

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