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Presentation: Students of Brafferton Indian School


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2023 is the tercentennial (300th) remembrance of the Brafferton Indian School building — completed in 1723. The school was open from roughly 1700-1778 on the campus of the College of William & Mary, but its Indigenous students spent time in town and were part of the Williamsburg community. These students were members of many different tribal nations, both local tributary tribes and foreign tribes from outside of Virginia, resulting in at least 39 modern First Nations who are descendants of this legacy today. In the 18th century, Brafferton students were seen throughout Williamsburg’s Historic Area, gathering supplies, making social connections, and attending church. While many students are unnamed today, we know some of their biographies as soldiers, interpreters, diplomats, and spies, revealing how the story of U.S. history is really one of Native American history.



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Presentation: Students of Brafferton Indian School

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