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Costume Rentals

Your Journey Into 18th Century Fashion Starts Here

Outfit your family in eighteenth century costumes for an immersive Colonial Williamsburg experience! Whether you simply want to stroll around the grounds in costume or attend a costumed event, we offer three costume options for men, women and children. 

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Costume Rentals

Costume rental locations include William Pitt store in the Historic Area and Revolutions in the Williamsburg Visitor Center. Rental costumes are available in a range of sizes for adults and children. Rentals are only available to on-site visitors.

Ready-Made 18th Century Costumes

The newly-renovated Tarpley, Thompson, and Company store in the heart of the historic area of Colonial Williamsburg features eighteenth-century society fashion for men, women, and children in the very best of taste.

Custom Made-To-Order 18th Century Clothing And Accessories

Ready to take your costuming to the next level? Get fitted for a custom-made ensemble! Custom orders are made to your measurements and specifications, including style, fabric choices, and accessories.