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Thank You

We accomplished so much this year thanks to the generosity of all our donors. We uncovered the foundation of the oldest church in America founded by Blacks for Blacks. In partnership with William & Mary, we identified the 18th-century building dedicated to educating enslaved and free Black children. We expanded our understanding and interpretation of American Indian culture in colonial Virginia. All this and more was made possible by our supporters.

As we look to 2026, the 250th anniversary of our country and Colonial Williamsburg’s centennial, we will need your continued support. We have ambitious plans to expand our Historic Trades, restore and reconstruct significant buildings, create a state-of-the-art archaeological center and share even more stories of those who lived and worked in 18th-century Williamsburg. Our educational mission is more important than ever. So we ask that you continue to partner with us, that the future may learn from the past.