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Firearm Safety Seminar

March 5-7, 2024


It’s the most foundational element for all of what we do in the museum industry. Keeping our guests and our staff safe allows us to move forward with the reassurance that we’ve addressed one of the most key aspects of success.


Our continuing desire to remember where we came from and who we are. Our heritage, our important moments, our communities then and now. In an age of history becoming ever more contentious, museums hold a place as one of the last purveyors of objective information about our past.

Whether your site discusses domestic bliss, farm life, frontier culture, or the military experience, you may wish to demonstrate a firearm at your site. We all understand there are concerns about how to go about it, and we are here to help. Join the staff of Colonial Williamsburg’s Musket Range for a practical look into the basics of handling, demonstrating and operating historical firearms.

We will examine methods and practices to help you build or enhance programming of your own. Examining real world equipment and scenarios experienced in the museum industry. For professionals, by professionals.

Your story is the most important to us, because history is about all of us. Let us help you tell it safely and in a way you intended.

No matter how experienced you consider yourself to be, you can always benefit from another perspective and the knowledge gathered from engaging at a different site. Our course will cover a wide variety of related topics such as safe handling of firearms, maintenance, storage, creation of ammunition, ATF rules, conservation techniques, creating an S.O.P. document and the experience of live shooting on our Musket Range.

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