Ornamental Separator


Autumn 2023

Bird on Tree

Folk art provides the inspiration for this holiday ornament

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Summer 2023


Thomas Jefferson had a way to convey secret information.

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Spring 2023

Color Coated

Dress up funny bunnies with these painting techniques

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Spring 2022

Put a Pin in It

For this pincushion, simple stitches honor a traditional sewing staple.

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Winter 2022

Keep in Stitches

A few pulls of a string, and you have your own book

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Autumn 2021


Is this the holiday that your ship comes in?

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Spring 2021

Hatching a Bouquet

Flowers fashioned from egg cartons are a lasting reminder of spring

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Autumn 2020

Hoop Ornament

A decoration based on a lovingly stitched family heirloom

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Summer 2020


A project from our silversmiths

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Spring 2020

Rubber Stamp

Make a signature statement with a stamp

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Autumn 2019


This paper project celebrates an 18th-century status symbol — the pineapple.

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Summer 2019

Wall Hanging

Weave a wall hanging using a technique popular in the 18th century.

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Spring 2019


Ahead of Mr. Jefferson’s Palace Garden Party on May 3, 2019, make your own carnation to elevate your 18th-century look for the soiree.

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Winter 2019

Fabric-Covered Box

Milliner Janea Whitacre made a fabric-covered box inspired by one that can be found in The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg collections. Present your loved ones with gifts in your own fabric-covered box this holiday season.

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Autumn 2018


Make an ornament inspired by the floral motif on a painted cupboard that is on display at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg.


Spring 2018


Inspired by the 18th-century flower making trade, milliner Janea Whitacre of the Margaret Hunter Shop designed a bouquet using silk fabric.


Winter 2018

Punched Tin Lantern

A lantern from the collection of The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg sparked the idea for this punched tin lantern project.


Autumn 2017

Bird Wreath

Martha Ann Honeywell was a 19th-century artist who created intricate cutwork pieces, one of which was the inspiration for an ornament that hangs on the Christmas tree at The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg – and for our holiday wreath.


Winter 2016

A Valentine Heart

This project was adapted from a watercolor and ink family record from the 19th century that is housed in the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum.