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Hands-On: Shoulder Your Firelocks!


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Have you considered what it would have been like to be an 18th-century soldier during the American Revolution? Make plans to find out today. Guests are invited to become part of history by stepping into the shoes of soldiers enlisting in the Colonial Army. During your military training, you will learn the manual of arms and marching drill of the 18th-century soldier. When your training is complete, you will engage in a mock battle similar to those which occurred in Williamsburg during the Revolution.

During your visit to Colonial Williamsburg, participate in Shoulder Your Firelocks! Your experience will shed new light on our Revolutionary forefathers' courage, skill, and determination.

Shoulder Your Firelocks! is a participative program. Guests must be able to stand for at least 20 minutes. The program is open to all would-be soldiers ages 9 to 80!  

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Hands-On: Shoulder Your Firelocks!

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