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2020 Annual Report Financials

The Foundation very successfully navigated through unprecedented challenges in 2020 and delivered relatively strong financial results. Although this report focuses on 2020, the impact of donors this year and in previous years continues to grow.

Donor restricted endowments grew from $297 million to $432 million during the past decade (2011-2020).

Growth in donor restricted endowed funds over time demonstrate the impact our generous supporters are making in sustaining and advancing the Foundation’s mission. Unrestricted board designated endowed funds have been managed with the long term as well as immediate needs in mind. Colonial Williamsburg’s endowment traces its beginnings to a generous $15 million unrestricted gift that John D. Rockefeller Jr. made in 1952, in accordance with his view that the Foundation should have educational, interpretive and preservation programs and resources supported well beyond the revenue provided by visitors.

Gifts and endowment payout comprised 77 percent of the Foundation’s budget in 2020.

A total of 84,643 generous donors continued to renew their support of Colonial Williamsburg in 2020 and they were joined by 9,697 new donors.

Donors contributed a record nearly $20 million in annual gifts through the Colonial Williamsburg Fund in 2020. Generous supporters also directed more than $42 million in restricted gifts.

Outright gifts, deferred gifts and pledges formed total giving by donors in 2020.

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