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Strategic Plan


In the years leading up to 2026, the nation’s attention will increasingly turn to Williamsburg, where so many formative events of America’s birth took place. Not only is 2026 the 250th anniversary of American independence, it is also the year in which Colonial Williamsburg will be commemorating its centennial.

This is our opportunity to make the greatest impact with our efforts to share a more complete, more relevant story of America — and we are committed to seizing that opportunity. With this in mind, the Colonial Williamsburg Board of Trustees, senior leadership and others have developed a new strategic plan to guide us in our daily pursuit of our educational mission, That the Future may learn from the Past.  This plan focuses our work and allocation of resources, and aligns the efforts and support of all of the Foundation’s stakeholders, on the things that will best help us achieve our aspirations.

The plan centers around five priorities that are central to advancing the Foundation’s core mission: Education, Museums, Finance, Development, and Workplace Excellence.  Comprehensive goals and specific tasks have been designated in each of these areas. We will continue to reevaluate and challenge our work, test our assumptions and push the limits of our creativity to ensure we are embracing the best opportunities before us.

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