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Big Daddy’s House at Hickory Hill

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What is this?


Who made this?

Bernice Sims

What is this made of?

Acrylic on canvas

When was this made?

around 1996

Where was this made?


Her painting: The Crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, was selected to be a stamp in 2005. You can see the stamp here.

Think about It

Take a close look at the painting. Bernice created a scene with people participating in a variety of activities. What are they doing?

See it in person

You can see the “Big Daddy’s House at Hickory Hill” in the “I made this…”: The Work of Black American Artists and Artisans exhibition.

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Art at home

Bernice said: “I paint things that are real to me-they either happened to me or are in my memory from the old days. In my paintings are the important things to me. I want to save these memories for my family and others.”

Bernice Sims was inspired by her memories.

What memories inspire you? What memories do you want to save for your family?

Create a piece of artwork inspired by a memory. Use the supplies you have around the house: crayons, colored pencils, paint. Then ask you parents to share your art on Instagram with the hashtag #CWKids.