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Mr. No-Body

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What is This?

A container shaped like the figure of a man

What is this made of?

Ceramic-tin glazed earthenware also called Delft

When was this made?

1682, he’s dated!

Where was this made?

London, England

Mr. Nobody is a container for holding the owner’s favorite beverage. What drink would you keep inside?

Think about It

Dated 1682, this now rare tin-glazed earthenware figure of Mr. No-Body would have been as easily recognizable in the 17th and 18th centuries as Disney characters are today. He was the star in a popular 17th-century play entitled “No-Body and Some-body.”

Mr. No-Body
Mr. No-Body back


Mr. No-Body was just that -- a man without a torso or “body.” Picture YOURSELF without a torso. How would you look? How would you feel?

See it in person

You can see “Mr. No-Body” in the Revolution in Taste exhibition.

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Make it At Home

Make your own Mr. No-Body paper doll at home.

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