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Annual Antiques Forum

February 19-23, 2021

The 73rd Annual Antiques Forum: Virtue & Vice

February 19-23, 2021

The themes of vice and virtue are manifest in descriptions and depictions of daily life and the accouterments that accompany it. From William Hogarth’s and Thomas Rowlandson’s exaggerated portrayals of these themes to the 18th century ideal of “Keep within Compass,” the story of societal evolution may be told through these codependent elements and can be traced through 18th and early 19thcentury material culture, food, pastimes, and manners. Join curators, conservators, collectors, scholars, and decorative arts aficionados from across the United States and England for an engaging look at ceramics, furniture, metals, paintings, prints, and textiles as we contextualize the yin and yang of “vice and virtue” in early America.

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