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Exhibition Scavenger Hunt

See if you can find the match to these nine clues as you explore our virtual tour of three exhibitions at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg.

Folk Portraits

Find a portrait with a dog with brown spots.

Answer: Did you find the portrait of Mrs. Seth Wilkinson?

Find a man wearing a yellow vest. What does he do for a living?

Answer: Jonathan Adams Barlett is wearing a yellow vest in his self-portrait. He’s an artist.

Find the group portrait with a child holding a peppermint stick.

Answer: Did you find the Hansbury Sisters? Books and flowers were common props for portraiture, but in the portrait of the Hansbury Sisters, the youngest is holding a peppermint stick.

British Masterworks

Find a painting portraying the Colony of Virginia’s namesake.

Answer: Virginia was named after “the Virgin Queen,” Queen Elizabeth I, whose portrait by an unidentified artist is part of this collection.

Find a tall piece that has a hidden desk in its top drawer.

Answer: Did you find the mahogany secretary and bookcase? What looks like a cabinet from the outside is a secretary drawer, which folds down as a desk.

Find a long picture made of 55 square parts.

Answer: Did you find the tin-glazed earthenware tile picture? 55 tiles comprise this scene of an exotic riverscape.

German Toys

Find a toy based on a story from the Bible.

Answer: Noah’s Ark was one of the most popular toys throughout the 19th century and was often called a “Sunday Toy.” While other toys might be considered distracting on Sunday, this ark and animal figurines have the advantage of being based on a biblical story.

Find a toy that can “squeak” and flap its wings. Duck squeak toy.

Answer: The bird squeak toy can be found in the area labeled “What’s in That Toy?”. A double bellows inside the toy creates two distinct “tweets.”

Find the object that helped American toy sellers buy toys made 4,000 miles away.

Answer: A catalog! German marketers issued catalogs with thousands of toys in them. American toy sellers could order and purchase toys they wished to sell in their shops.

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