Ornamental Separator

Tulip Tree

A holiday ornament that’s a reminder of the coming spring

It is hard to miss the painted cupboard that stands more than 7 feet high and 6 feet wide in the Jan Curtis and Frank J. Spayth Gallery of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum.

The sheer size of the two-piece cupboard, built in Ohio circa 1830, makes for a noteworthy piece of American painted furniture, and the carved eagle that grasps a pitcher and a decanter rather than arrows and an olive branch likely indicates the cupboard was used in a public building such as a tavern.

But it was the floral motif that caught our eye.

The tulip shapes painted around the edges and on the drawers inspired our design for a simple, handmade ornament that will add color and a hint of the coming spring to this year’s holiday decorations. This easy, three-step project allows for time to make a bouquet for your holiday tree.


Matching Embroidery Thread






Felt (9×12 sheets work well)


Step 1

Print out two copies of the template. Using the templates as a guide, cut two pieces each of #1, #2, #3 and #5. You’ll need four of the #4 pieces. Felt can shift when it’s being cut. Rather than pre-cut the templates, cut one layer of felt at a time using a new copy of the pattern piece each time.

Step 2

Use the photo to determine the placement of the stitches. We used a blind stitch (see diagram):

Stitch #1 to #2.

Stitch #2 to #5.

Stitch #3 to #5.

Stitch #4 to #5.


Step 3

To complete the tulip ornament, pin the wrong sides together, matching the edges. Pin a ribbon to the top and stitch around the edges. We used the blanket stitch (see diagram).

Add a bit of stuffing between the large felt pieces before completing the stitching to create dimension.

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