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Winter 2020

Trend & Tradition

Inside The Issue

‘The Rhythm of Life’

African American Music ensemble celebrates 40 years

9 Minute Read

What is Your Verdict?

A 1772 court decision freed one enslaved person and inspired thousands of others, but it’s unclear what the judge actually said

9 Minute Read

Educator in Chief

Of the many roles of George Wythe filled during the Revolutionary Era, one of his most far-reaching was teaching

11 Minute Read

A Wedding Season

With feasts and festivities planned from Advent to Epiphany, what a perfect opportunity for another celebration

9 Minute Read

A Classy Cabbage

Once described as a gentleman’s delicacy, cauliflower is now prized for its versatility

6 Minute Read

Extolling Virtues

Newest Nation Builder examines a Founder’s moral fiber in interpreting George Wythe

10 Minute Read

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