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Military Visitors

Colonial Williamsburg welcomes military personnel, veterans and families. Whether you want to compare tactics with historic military interpreters, check out our vast weapons on exhibit in the art museums, or retrace the nation’s beginnings with your family, we are proud to offer exceptional programs and exclusive military discounts.

See what offers and amenities you qualify for below, then check out the itinerary, programs and exhibitions linked below for your convenience.

Offers & Amenities

Points of Interest

The Magazine

To Arm Against An Enemy: Weapons of the Revolutionary War

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Honoring Staff Sargent Talmadge H. Alphin, Jr.

Remembering Sergeant Talmadge Horton Alphin, Jr.

Watch a Memorial Day Weekend virtual event honoring Sergeant Talmadge Horton Alphin, Jr. the first bass drummer of the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes & Drums and was one of sixteen Green Berets killed in Vietnam on August 23, 1968.