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Music: Governor's Musick in the Wythe Parlor


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Music lessons were an important part of a young lady’s or gentleman’s education. Being a skilled musician prepared one to present well in polite company and served as a vehicle for young ladies to marry well or even into a higher station. Music masters advertised lessons to be given in the home or rented spaces to educate those who could afford the leisure activity of playing music. Visit the Wythe House Parlor to delight as one or more members of the Governor’s Musick ensemble play or sing examples of popular domestic music enjoyed by members of Williamsburg’s gentry. Guests can take this opportunity to ask questions about the music and the instruments or listen and reflect on what George Wythe or his young protégé and boarder, Thomas Jefferson, might have heard here.

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Music: Governor's Musick in the Wythe Parlor

Historic Site: George Wythe House

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