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Evening Programs

Add a Little Drama to Your Nightlife

The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Evening entertainment includes signature favorites and new enchanting experiences. Get tickets to take a spooky ghost tour or enjoy all of the fun without the fright on Haunted Williamsburg or Ghost Walk Junior, the official ghost tours of Colonial Williamsburg. Plus, enjoy other seasonal storytelling and staged experiences!

Discounts on evening programs are available to all Annual, Good Neighbor, and Collegiate Pass holders, and CW Resort Hotel Guests. To receive that discount, passholders must purchase tickets in person at any Colonial Williamsburg ticketing location, or by calling (888) 965-7254.

To receive a refund on ticket orders, performances, or programs, you must cancel your reservation 72 hours prior to arrival or the performance date. If planning to park at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center please make sure to check the bus schedule.

Haunted Williamsburg

From authentic 18th-century colonial ghost stories to creepy modern-day encounters, costumed storytellers share unnerving tales on this Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour.

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Music & Theater

Palace Concert

The regal Palace of the royal governor comes to life as Colonial Williamsburg's early music ensemble, the Governor's Musick, offers an elegant evening of chamber music showcasing 17th- and 18th-century music for harpsichord, voice, flute, and strings.

Revolutionary Points of View

Step back in time and encounter points of view that run the gamut. Then, engage in the most crucial debate in our nation’s history–you will decide whether we remain British or become Americans?

Dancing at the Governor's Palace

What better time than the 21st century to learn a few "new" dance steps? The dancers will discuss various types of 18th-century dances, from country dances to minuets, and demonstrate them for the audience.

Capitol Concert

Join our Governor’s Musick Ensemble in the resonant Hall of Burgesses for a special evening of chamber music.


Cry Witch

You decide! Is Grace Sherwood a witch? Question witnesses. Weigh evidence. Finally, cast your vote for the guilt or innocence of “the Virginia Witch.”

To Hang a Pirate

Join in this recreation of the actual trial of Israel Hands, a member of Blackbeard's crew. Hear the evidence and make a judgment! How would you sentence a pirate?