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The story of Williamsburg is the story of America. In 1699, Virginia’s House of Burgesses selected Williamsburg as the colony’s new seat of government and authorized the construction of the Capitol.  And it was here, in 1776, that Virginia became the first colony to instruct its congressional delegates to propose independence from Great Britain. It was also in 1776 that the first church in America founded by Black worshipers for Black worshipers was established right here in Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg strives daily to faithfully steward our nation’s history. The freedoms for which the colonists fought — freedom of speech, of the press, of religion — are critical in today’s complex world.  We believe in preserving these rights and remembering the path to independence and self-government created by America’s earliest patriots, shopkeepers, laborers, farmers, tradesmen and women, and indigenous and enslaved individuals.

Your generosity plays an important role in our efforts to share more stories of courage and perseverance. It is our privilege and responsibility to fully examine and share all aspects of our nation’s history. We hope you will join us to keep our shared history alive for future generations.

Make a gift to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation today and help us fulfill our mission: that the future may learn from the past.

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