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When you become a monthly donor to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, you support our mission: That the future may learn from the past. These remarkable stories of hardships and triumphs are integral to our nation’s history and encompass a wide range of people living and working in Williamsburg. From the enslaved to the gentry and everyone in between, your support allows us to highlight the men and women who made up this great town.

Monthly, tax-deductible gifts are easy to set up and change at any time. These automatic deductions from your credit card or checking account are a convenient way to express your support of Colonial Williamsburg and help us implement strategies for long-term preservation and institute innovative educational programs.

Did we mention how easy it is? Simply fill out the form below, set the amount you would like to contribute, and we’ll do the rest.  Prefer to set your recurring donation to annual instead of monthly?  That is easy too.  Just click here.

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“That the future may learn from the past.”