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A Century of Invention

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What is this?


Who made this?

A textile factory in England

What is this made of?


When was this made?

Around 1841

Where was this made?


The design on this handkerchief is a scene depicting the world in the year 2000 as imagined by the early 19th-century illustrator and political cartoonist, Charles Jameson Grant.

Make it at Home

Make hot air balloons inspired by inspired by the "A Century of Invention" handkerchief.

See it in person

This object is a hidden object in the museum. Because it is fabric and very sensitive to light it is kept in a drawer. It is sometimes seen on guided tours at the museum.

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Take a look at the picture on the handkerchief and ask yourself: “what did the 19th-century artist get right? What is in the picture that we use today?


What inventions do you think human beings will be using 100 years from now?  Draw a picture of what you imagine. Ask your parent to share your artwork on Instagram with the hashtag #CWKids