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Interior designer Eric Ross shares his take on his visit

For those who follow me on a regular basis, you are aware that I am a die-hard traditionalist and make no apologies for embracing brown wood, classical moldings and architecture, and antique furniture whole heartedly.

My recent book, Enduring Southern Homes (as pictured above) released in March, was my way of giving voice to those who want something different than the sameness of all white rooms with gray furniture, or the vintage farmhouse style so prevalent in today’s interiors. I've embarked on a book tour these past 3 months which has allowed me to travel the country and shake hands with those of you who share my passion.

So, it was my great privilege to sit down with one of my design heroes recently, Anthony Baratta, who has fearlessly embraced “Americana” and strong traditional design for over 35 years. We met up at the scene of his latest endeavor, The Palmer House in Colonial Williamsburg where he has been named the “ Designer in Residence ” While in Virginia, my wife Ruthann and I took a day out from book signing to spend in Colonial Williamsburg and attend the Garden Party reveal of the Palmer House renovation. What a treat!

My chat with Tony Baratta can be seen now on my IGTV.

If you have followed Tony’s career as I have in the pages of House Beautiful, Veranda and Elle Decor, then you will be excited to know that this fall one of these fabulous magazines will be publishing the interiors of Palmer House. I did have the good fortune to tour the house during his garden party, and I promise you it's a showstopper! However, I am not allowed to share those images with you until fall... But, be patient, I assure you that lots of great images and video will be forthcoming here and in the magazine.

What I can share with you are some of the places that gave me great inspiration while touring Williamsburg and I cannot wait to return to see more. Our visit affirmed my love for the BENJAMIN MOORE WILLIAMSBURG PAINT COLLECTION that I frequently use on my projects and we saw that Tony used throughout his renovation of Palmer House.

As I mentioned, my book is entitled “ENDURING Southern Homes,” because I believe that good design will stand up to the test of time and classical interiors endure. Nowhere is this more dramatically on display than in a historic setting such as Williamsburg. One shining example that was a standout of our visit was the George Wythe House.

Another thing I have never shied away from —and my clients can attest I love to incorporate into my design projects— is wallcovering. Which likely is why the Wythe Home spoke to me and my aesthetic. The patterns and their vivid colorations as well as intricate detailing are exceptional.

There is much more I could share with you, but the book tour marches on, and my design clients demand my attention. However, you can expect an exciting magazine spread very soon covering Anthony Baratta’s Palmer House Reveal and I am making plans now for a return visit to Williamsburg in the fall, so stay tuned to my Instagram stories to follow along or make your own plans to visit soon

Interior Designer Eric Ross has over twenty years of design experience. With a background in bespoke furnishings and a penchant for traditional fabrics and antiques, Ross creates dynamic home interiors that blend comfortable Southern living with timeless style.

Ross enlivens spaces and works magic with his refined Southern aesthetic. His lush designs reflect his traditional style as well as the passions and preoccupations of his clients. His work has been published in Traditional Home, Southern Style, Southern Lady, The Cottage Journal and many other publications. His debut book, Enduring Southern Homes, published by Gibbs Smith, released in March 2019, is already in its second printing.

Eric lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Ruthann, daughter Julianne, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Prince Darby and Dixie. Follow him at ericrossinteriors.com and on Instagram at @ericrossinteriors.

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