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Past Colonial Williamsburg Research Fellowship Topics

Colonial Williamsburg fellows present portions of their research during their residence, where they engage directly with our community of scholars and interpreters. The brief list below highlights some of the topics studied by our most recent fellows.


  • Adam McNeill
    Coffelt Fellowship
    “I Would Not Go With Him: Black Women’s Survival and Resistance in the Revolutionary Era Tidewater.”



  • Robert Cloutier
    NEH 3D Visualization Fellow
  • James Mackay
    Coffelt Fellowship
    ‘‘What They Call Free in This Country’’: Flight and Freedom in Revolutionary America, 1775-1783.  


  • Warren Billings
    Jack Miller Center Fellowship
    Just laws for the happy guiding and governing of the people: Statute law in Colonial Virginia
  • Dusty Marie Dye
    Coffelt Fellowship
    A Decent External Sorrow: Death and Mourning in the 18th Century
  • Lauren Massari and Shayne Brandon
    NEH 3D Fellowship
    Then and Now 360° Panoramic Exploration of the Douglass Theatre Site
  • John Seidel
    EXARC Fellowship
    A multi-faceted project to pursue artifact analysis and structured experiments with Colonial Williamsburg Trades


  • Libby Cook
    Ivor Noel Hume Fellowship in Archaeology
    Public programs in Archaeology
  • Caroline Creeden
    John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library fellowship
    Eat Them, Toss Them, Fire Them: The Significance of the Oyster Shell in Colonial American Architecture & Landscape
  • Jobie Hill
    NEH We the People fellowship
    Saving Slave Houses
  • Nikola Krstovic
    Museum Off Boundaries
  • John Ragosta
    Jack Miller Center fellowship
    Patrick Henry, Federalist
  • Thomas Whitfield
    Coffelt fellowship
    Materializing Liberty - The material culture of the Wilkes and Liberty movement in colonial America


  • Janine Boldt
    Coffelt fellowship
    Research for dissertation on dissertation titled "Facing the Old Dominion: Portraiture in Colonial Virginia”.
  • Tim Breen
    Jack Miller Center and John D. Rockefeller Jr fellowships
    The Face of Revolution: American’s Domestic Enemies During the War for Independence
  • Sierra Dorschutz
    NEH 3D fellowship
    Colonial Williamsburg in 3D Motion
  • Brian Emery
    NEH 3D fellowship
    Robert Carter House Attic 3D
  • Odai Johnson
    Jack Miller Center fellowship
    Imagining the Rebellion: Theatre, Genre, and the Shape of the American Revolution
  • Russell Dylan Reudiger
    Coffelt fellowship
    Research for dissertation, which explores the meaning and practice of tributary relations between Virginians and a wide range of Algonquin, Siouan, and Iroquoian peoples of the Chesapeake and Piedmont during the 17th & 18th centuries.
  • Sarah Thomas
    Coffelt fellowship
    Long Gone Buildings & Indifferent Improvements: The Fleeting Material Culture of Mid-18th Century Shenandoah County, Virginia
  • Natalie Zacharewski
    John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library fellowship
    Whisperings around Williamsburg: Channeling Information during the Revolutionary War


  • Anne Bissonnette
    John D. Rockefeller Jr Library fellowship
    Reassessing the Macaroni
  • James Coltrain
    NEH 3D fellowship
    Azimuth 3D
  • Elizabeth Cook
    Jack Miller Center fellowship
    Creating the City at the Falls: Building Culture in Richmond, Virginia 1780-1860
  • Jobie Hill
    NEH We the People fellowship
    Slave house database
  • Craig Gallagher
    John D. Rockefeller Jr Library fellowship
    Covenants and Commerce: Scottish Networks and the Making of the British Atlantic World 1660-1715
  • Erin Holmes
    NEH We The People fellowship
    Within the House of Bondage: Constructing and Negotiating the Plantation Landscape in the 18th Century British Atlantic
  • Mary Richard McGuire
    Jack Miller Center fellowship
    Translating Natural Knowledge in an Age of Revolution: Tobacco, People, and Science in Benjamin Henry Latrobe’s Virginia Journals 1795 to 1798
  • Daniel Maudlin
    John D. Rockefeller Jr fellowship
    Colonial Taverns - The Inn and the Traveler in the Atlantic World
  • Nikos Pappas
    Gilder Lehrman fellowship
    Keyboards and Keyboard Music of Colonial Williamsburg
  • Thomas Rogers
    John D. Rockefeller Jr fellowship
    Coercion and the Constitution
  • Sarah Thomas
    Coffelt fellowship
    Objects of the Early Southern Backcountry: The People of Shenandoah County and their Material Culture
  • Sally Tuckett
    John D. Rockefeller Jr Library fellowship
    Cloth, Clothing and Control: Dressing Slaves in the Eighteenth Century
  • Brittany Venturella
    NEH 3D fellowship
    A Virtual Reconstruction of Alexander Purdie’s Virginia Gazette Office in 1776
  • Holly White
    Gilder Lehrman fellowship
    Adolescence in the Early Republican South: Conceptions of Age, Communities of Knowledge, and Youth Cultures.