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Teacher Resources

Bring history to life in the classroom with multimedia tools, and in-person at Colonial Williamsburg.

Education Resource Library

Colonial Williamsburg’s Teacher Community has combined with the HERO media library to help you teach American history with video, classroom lessons and interactive web activities.

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On-Site Opportunities

School, Youth & Adult Day Group Tours

Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of ways for groups of all sizes, interests, and ages from kindergarteners to senior citizens, from scouts to families to explore the 301-acre town, browse our world-class indoor museums, and discover something new about the creation of America.

The Bob and Marion Wilson Teacher Institute of Colonial Williamsburg

The living past that fills the streets and homes here ripples out to classrooms through all 50 states, thanks to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute.

Special Offer for Teachers

To recognize the important role teachers play in nurturing a love and knowledge of history, Colonial Williamsburg is offering teachers a 25% discount on a “Single Day Ticket” or an annual pass. This discount is available at on-site ticketing offices only.

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Meet Our Nation Builders

Historic Trades

Fifes & Drums

Rare Breeds

CW Blog

Where the past ignites the present. Keep up with what's happening behind the scenes, plus tips for visiting, history, and much more

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Committees of Correspondence

The Stamp Act

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

CW Kids

Art Museums for CW Kids

Explore items from the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg's collection. Learn cool facts, have some fun with at-home craft projects, and find out where to see these items in person when you visit!

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Online Resources

Explore Virtually

Discover the 18th-century virtually between visits.

Created Equal

This is a special release of “Created Equal,” a museum theatre exploration of African American perspectives on the Declaration, the revolutions it inspired, and the ongoing struggle for equality and freedom in America.

View the Art Museums Collection Online

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's vast collections comprise more than 70,000 examples of fine, decorative, mechanical and folk art.

Explore the Rockefeller Library Collections

The Rockefeller Library houses a specialized collection of books, journals, manuscripts, images, and databases.

Slavery & Remembrance

This online resource tells the story of the creation and evolution of the transatlantic slave trade, slavery, and their legacies.

Museum Exhibits and Interactives

Engage with the The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's vast collections through these online interactive activities.

Our American Revolution

America's independence from Great Britain was a decisive turning point in world history. Join us to explore the causes, character, and consequences of an American Revolution that continues to shape lives around the globe.

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