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Colonial Crafts

DIY Crafts

Create a craft inspired by 18th-century history.

Keep in Stitches

A few pulls of a string, and you have your own book

Punch the Lights Out

Create homemade lanterns using a centuries-old tinsmithing technique

Do-It-Yourself: Always in Bloom

Make your own paper carnation to accessorize your garden party outfit

Hatching a Bouquet

Flowers fashioned from egg cartons are a lasting reminder of spring

Color Coated

Dress up funny bunnies with these painting techniques

Leaving an Impression

Make a signature statement with a stamp

Do-It-Yourself: Button Up

Thread, artfully arranged, takes a fastener from ordinary to elaborate

How to Make a Market Wallet

Create an all-purpose carrying bag that was used by civilians and military personnel from the 16th through the 19th centuries.

How to Make a Glue Brush

This harpsichord maker’s tool works well for at-home crafts as well

DIY Ornaments

Click the links below to learn how to make these ornaments at home.

Bird on Tree

You Name It

Good Tidings for Christmas

Avian Artistry

A Delectable Decoration

Tulip Tree

A Toy for the Tree

DIY Recipes

Learn How to Make Historic Foodways Recipes at home.

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How To Make Chelsea Buns

Scallops Broiled in their Shells

Beets Dressed With Garlic

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