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Every object in our collection has an interesting back story. Discover who created the object, who owned it, and how it ended up in our collection. Each week, a curator, educator, or conservator will examine an object.

Friday, September 30 - Early Portraits of African-Americans
Learn the story behind three rare watercolor portraits of enslaved African-Americans, primary sources that inform the interpretation of Colonial Williamsburg’s Black community with Pam Young, Senior Paper Conservator.

Friday, October 7 - One of a Kind: Manuscript Maps from the Collection at Colonial Williamsburg
Discover a selection of unique manuscript maps from Colonial Williamsburg’s map collection, including a land deed granted to George Washington of his land in Ohio and a map that traced the steps of the Marquis de Lafayette during the final days of the American Revolution with Katie McKinney, Margaret Beck Pritchard Associate Curator of Maps & Prints.

Friday, October 14 - The Public Hospital of 1773
Opened in 1773, the Public Hospital in Williamsburg was the first mental hospital in British North America. Discover how the hospital was founded and learn about patient care during this illustrated conversation with Christina Westenberger, Manager, Gallery Learning. 

Friday, October 21 - Mourning in Early Virginia
18th-century Virginians encountered death in many material forms throughout their lives—headstones in their yards or churchyards, items of clothing, mourning rings on their fingers, and other memorial items around their homes and those of their neighbors. Learn about the rituals and objects that were part of mourning and memento mori with Neal Hurst, Associate Curator of Costumes & Textiles

Friday, November 4 - Conserving America: Treatment of an Engraving of America
A circa 1650 engraved print of America by artist Claes Jansz Visscher (1587-1652) underwent a comprehensive treatment by Perrine LeSaux, Assistant Paper Conservator, to prepare the object for display in the Promoting America show, now on exhibit.

Friday, November 11 - Military Treasures of Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg’s collection of militaria was built to complement the Foundation’s comprehensive holdings of martial firearms and edged weapons. Since complete uniforms do not survive, items like drums, cartridge boxes, powder horns, regimental buttons, and buckles are necessary to tell the stories of the men who fought in America during the 18th century—presented by Erik Goldstein, Senior Curator of Mechanical Arts & Numismatics.


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