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Explore Colonial Williamsburg

Historic Area

Discover government sites, family homes, and historic trades.

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Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg

Featuring the best in British and American fine and decorative arts, plus the nation’s premiere collection of American folk art

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Special Events

Seasonal Activities

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Carriage & Wagon Rides

Evening Programs

Meet the Nation Builders
From recognizable names like Jefferson and Washington, to people whose names did not grace your history book, meet the Nation Builders who helped shape their time, and whose legacies continues to influence and inspire American ideals.
Meet the Nation Builders

Arboretum & Gardens

Explore the 18th-century through our meticulously cared for grounds, from great period-appropriate oak trees to the formal palace gardens.

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Rare Breeds

Founded in 1986, Colonial Williamsburg’s Rare Breeds program helps promote genetic diversity in livestock that research shows thrived in 18th-century colonial British America. Cared for by the Coach & Livestock department, horses, oxen, sheep, and fowl contribute to the living history museum in many of the same ways they would have contributed to the colonial capital.

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Food & Drink

With a mixture of historic taverns, modern restaurants, and cafes located in and around the Historic Area, you’ll find the perfect place for a historically inspired family meal or an intimate evening of creative cuisine.

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Whether you’re looking for souvenirs and books, furnishings for your home, or unique 18th-century jewelry handmade by our historic tradespeople, we have a shopping experience for you.

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